Call to Prayer for Special Election

Over the past decades our State Legislature has been comprised of an overly Progressive Democratic Assembly and a Republican Senate.  The Assembly has always attempted—and often succeeded—in pushing through ungodly legislation, while the Republican Senate has been, with some exceptions, the bulwark to kill ungodly, legislation.  In other words, the only hope in our State government was in the Senate’s ability to stop bad laws from being passed.

Well that “hope” is in serious jeopardy of being lost.

On April 24th there will be two special elections for State Senate in Westchester (Senate District 37), and the Bronx (Senate District 32).  For the first time in a generation the Republicans are in danger of losing their majority in the Senate.

If Democrats win both those districts they will take total control of the Senate, and there will be no stopping the godless progressive agenda from moving forward and being foisted on the people of New York. Democrats will have control of all three branches of New York State government, just like California!

I’m calling on the Church to be in prayer and fasting, as the Lord leads, for this special election on the 24th.  Pray for our state government, legislators as well as the governor. Pray that righteousness will rule in Albany

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