Why is it that when President Obama was separating children from parents at the border it was perfectly fine, but when Donald Trump does the very same, it’s a national scandal? Why is it that when President Trump issues and executive order to prevent families from being separated—what the Democrats were whining about—now, it’s not good enough because families are detained together? Will Trump’s actions ever be enough for Democrats?  No.  Why?  It’s because what Democrats really want goes far beyond open borders. It’s about power. The quest for power is one of the fundamental forces driving human nature. That’s why to Democrats the policies enacted are not as important as who it is that is enacting them. If it’s not them, it’s to be rejected, because they dare not accede to someone else’s claim to power.

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The recent release of three prisoners held by North Korea is being described as unexpected, unlikely and even miraculous.
When we look at the many successes President Trump has had in such a relatively short period of time, while fighting off so many opposing forces, this, among so many other accomplishments seem like nothing short of miraculous…and they are!
You see, nothing happens in this world without God’s oversight and permission. In fact, I believe it is God who is giving Donald Trump favor, because Donald Trump has been out front with the declaration that we are one nation under God, when he unashamedly says that in this nation “we don’t worship government; we worship God.”

Was it President Trump’s threats and actions that caused Kim Jong Un to change his hard line into a more conciliatory tone, or was it something else? The Bible tells us clearly that the heart of the king is in the hands of the Lord. He turns it like a watercourse wherever He desires.” (Proverbs 21:1). So then, could it be that Donald Trump’s public acknowledgement of God has brought God’s favor, and God, himself, is changing hearts and causing circumstances to occur that bring success to President Trump’s human efforts? I believe it is. The same God who rules in the heart of Kim Jong Un also rules in the heart of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump’s courage and determination to continue to declare the sovereignty of God over our land is bolstered by the prayers of the Church.

So this is how we see the fulfillment of God’s promise working out when He said, “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray…then will I heal their land.”

It falls upon the people of God—Christians—to continue to pray for our leaders, and to do our part to understand the issues and to be participants in this government of the people. If we will be faithful to do our part I believe God will be faithful to fulfill His promise to bless our land with a peace and prosperity never before seen. We are the world’s last best hope, and we will shine as never before. Let’s be grateful to God for His favor on our President and our nation, and let that gratitude be expressed in our actions, and on our knees for the sake of our posterity and God’s glory.

Call to Prayer for Special Election

Over the past decades our State Legislature has been comprised of an overly Progressive Democratic Assembly and a Republican Senate.  The Assembly has always attempted—and often succeeded—in pushing through ungodly legislation, while the Republican Senate has been, with some exceptions, the bulwark to kill ungodly, legislation.  In other words, the only hope in our State government was in the Senate’s ability to stop bad laws from being passed.

Well that “hope” is in serious jeopardy of being lost.

On April 24th there will be two special elections for State Senate in Westchester (Senate District 37), and the Bronx (Senate District 32).  For the first time in a generation the Republicans are in danger of losing their majority in the Senate.

If Democrats win both those districts they will take total control of the Senate, and there will be no stopping the godless progressive agenda from moving forward and being foisted on the people of New York. Democrats will have control of all three branches of New York State government, just like California!

I’m calling on the Church to be in prayer and fasting, as the Lord leads, for this special election on the 24th.  Pray for our state government, legislators as well as the governor. Pray that righteousness will rule in Albany

Special Message for Every Concerned American


Cuomo’s Duplicitous Governance

Having failed to get his abortion expansion act passed by the Senate as part of his “Women’s Equality Act” several years ago, Governor Cuomo is now trying to attach this provision to the state budget. I guess he hasn’t gotten the memo that this nation is once again respecting the sanctity of life, and we are no longer going to sanction the sacrifice of children in the name of women’s rights. Fortunately, Senate Finance Committee Chair Cathy Young (R-Olean) assured us at our recent New York CPAC Conference that the Senate will once again stop this assault on the most vulnerable, (over half of which are “women”). But that’s not all. He also has included, according to New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a so-called “equal rights” amendment that could allow courts to read “transgender rights” into the New York Constitution, and a damaging bill that could subject churches and other institutions to frivolous lawsuits. Thank God for the watchdogs who keep us informed of the duplicitous attempts of this Governor. Every responsible New Yorker needs to contact their legislators and make their voices heard, or “we the people” will be hoodwinked once again.

Spiritual State of the Union 2018

“Where the righteous rule the people rejoice; when the wicked are in power the people groan.”—Proverbs 29:2

One year ago, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into office and took his position as the 45th President of the United States. In a previous article I explained how Trump was a type of a King Cyrus who was called by God to lead the people of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, though he was not himself a believer. It has always been in God’s nature to select the most unlikely people to advance His purposes, as He did throughout the Bible and throughout American history.

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