Marriage & Family Savers Ministries, Inc., and The New York Faith and Freedom Coalition in partnership with , Orange County Right to Life and The Children First Foundation invites you, your family, your friends, and every New Yorker to help mobilize a massive, grassroots  Campaign in New York State! It is time to put “Children First” in the USA and Voice Our Choice for Life! Governor Cuomo’s legal support for infanticide – before and after birth – harms women and kills children. Adoption (not abortion!) protects a woman’s right to choose and the unborn child’s inalienable right to life! We sincerely hope and pray that everyone who wants a pro-adoption “Choose Life” License Plate to be approved in New York will order a “Choose Life USA” Half-Plate for all their cars, trucks and vans ASAP! These bright, smiling “Choose Life USA” Half-Plates can be bolted to your car’s current DMV standard license plate (behind it, and either above or below it). They can also be attached to walkers and wheelchairs!
For a tax-deductible membership donation of just $25 a year, you, too, can finally help raise life-saving
awareness and much needed funding for all of the Pregnancy Care Centers and Maternity Homes in NYS!

“Voice Your Choice for Life” … Every Time You Drive!…
“Choose Life” License Plates Save Babies’ Lives … “Be Seen! Be Heard! Be a Baby’s Hero!”

Just send me an email to,  and put “CHOOSE LIFE  PLATE”  in the subject box and I’ll get the information out to you right away.
YES!Choose Life Plates

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