May 07

National Day of Prayer 2015

Pastors Praying NDP 2015

Pastors Steve Offringa, Brian Hill, Sam Sutter, Irving Rivera and Ralph Diaz all joined in to pray at the County Seat, Goshen declaring repentance and revival as we appealed to Heaven for His favor on our County and our nation.

Apr 26

Report from D.C,

It was a great day, yesterday, when we went to D.C. to stand for authentic marriage and to pray for the Supreme Court justices getting ready to hear the case on Tuesday that may very well cause God to withdraw His grace from us further if we, as a nation, disregard His rules for order and right. hanks again for joining us on the bus to D.C.

There were at least 10,000 in attendance, but don’t expect to see reports from the mainstream media. They just don’t want to admit that His Church is alive!

Group at SCOTUS

New York Faith & Freedom at the Supreme Court.

Now we must continue to pray and be a witness wherever we can until the Judges announce their decision in June. If the court rules against the Bible, then we will continue to obey God rather than man, and we will continue to pray and work until we see revival in the land.

If you couldn’t attend, but still want to help in the fight for our religious liberties please join the New York Faith & Freedom Coalition, (Click the DONATE-JOIN link. That is the army that God is raising up for such a time as this. We dare not remain complacent. Our next meeting will be on May 17th at 6:30pm. Put it on your calendar now.

Apr 21


We’ll be getting on the bus this Saturday April 25th to D.C. Come join us at the


Apr 04

Come to the Movies: “LIGHT WINS”

Ignorance and apathy mark the death knell of any nation. In this movie we address both those issues by educating   concerned citizens about the threats to American liberty, and providing an action plan to help preserve our liberties for the next generation.

Coming this Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 6:30pm. Get your tickets here.

Mar 23


An AP article by Emily Swanson recently claimed that most Americans support same-sex marriage. This article is nothing more than left-wing propaganda intended to influence culture rather than reflect it. Surveys of this kind can be skewed to make them say whatever you want them to say. On the contrary, a WPA Opinion Research Study found that 53% of voters believe marriage is only the union of one man and one woman. Regardless of whose study you look at, same-sex marriage must never become the law of the land or it will spark a revolt in the same way the Roe V. Wade decision gave birth to the modern Pro-Life movement that is steadily winning back the minds of common sense Americans who care about the unborn. It is natural law, common sense and a simple fact that marriage can only be the union of one man and one woman. Anything else is simply something else. A cat doesn’t become a dog just because you call it a dog. Americans of good faith must pray that the Court comes down on the right side of this issue, or we will most assuredly no longer be one nation under God.

Mar 12

Hillary, Democrats and Evolution

It’s interesting to see people still puzzled as to why Hillary Clinton would have her own rules concerning her emails. It really is not surprising at all when one understands the prism through which she sees the world. It’s the same prism that allows President Obama to make up his own rules for illegal immigration–the prism of evolution. Let me explain. Looking through that prism human nature is constantly evolving and growing into higher order. The Constitution becomes a “living document,” in which rather than expressing a set of consistent principles based on unchanging human nature, it must change to keep up, or as one Supreme Court Justice, Charles Evans Hughes said, the Constitution is whatever the judge says it is. The contemporary individual is the most evolved and therefore the most authoritative. So rather than the individual conforming to a set of constant laws, the laws must conform to the wisdom of the individual. In other words, they are the law. The irony is that rather than being a step in true progressivism, it actually brings us back to the days when the King was the law; remember “Lex Rex?” In other words, progressivism is really regressive.

So let’s not be surprised when the progressive Democrats set themselves up to be the ultimate authority in matters, rather lets elect people to office who understand that human nature does not evolve, that the principles of law are constant, and individuals–no matter who they are–must conform to the law instead of trying to make the law conform to them.

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