Jul 02

More Than Condolences, Mr. President

President Barak Obama’s response to the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers by Hamas was an offer of condolences and an admonishment to refrain from any actions that might “destabilize the situation.”

Like Neville Chamberlain who thought he could be nice to Hitler and survive, so does President Obama think peace on earth will be realized if we can all just get along. His reluctance to defend our friends and even American citizens abroad has emboldened the enemy—and yes, Islamists are our enemies, just ask them. He has given them the time and space they need to build an army capable of challenging the West. In fact, his actions pulling out of war zones and leaving our equipment and weapons behind are actually arming our enemies to war against us. One has to ask, “Whose payroll is he on, anyway?”

Forget about refraining from actions that might destabilize the situation. We must stand with Israel to defend her against radical Islam, then we must take the war to the enemy before he can bring it to our shores.

The world has known a hundred year wars before, and this might be another one. We must eliminate those who are bent on destroying us, while we teach principles of liberty and democracy to their children until the culture of tyranny and death is replaced by a culture of liberty and life. This will not be accomplished in one, or even two generations. We must start now for the benefit of our posterity, or we will find ourselves all under Sharia law. There is no middle ground, not as long as Islamists are bent on establishing their caliphate, and that they are.

Israel needs more than condolences Mr. Obama. Israel needs an ally ready to fight side-by-side with her to defeat our common enemy. Let’s pray our next President will understand that, and that Israel will survive until then.

Jun 25


I have said before—and I have been criticized for saying it—that President Obama is the first “un-American American President.” Well, let me take that a step further. The recent release of five Taliban high level commanders is evidence that he is the first “Anti-American” American President. His actions actually give aid and comfort to the enemy—grounds for treason. Not only is this a morale booster for the Taliban fighters, but he supplied them with high level commanders, now elevated as heroes because of their Gitmo experience. They will no doubt help to recruit more soldiers who will kill Americans, and whose blood will be on the hands of this President. He couldn’t be more of an ally to our enemies than these actions represent. One wonders if he might be on their payroll instead of the payroll of the American people.

Congress must stop him by whatever legal means possible before he does further damage to our country. The American people must rise from their complacency or we will lose the liberty, prosperity and peace we have been blessed with since our founding. This is no time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots.

Jun 20

Week in D.C. for Marriage, Faith and Freedom

We came Thursday to be part of the March for Marriage then stayed for the Faith & Freedom annual Conference. We’ll share what we’ve learned at our next meeting. Don’t miss it. Put it on your calendar now – July 13th.MarriageMarch2014

May 26

Next Second Sunday Meeting June 8th

Come join us to worship God, pray for our nation and hear what God is saying concerning the stewardship of our liberties.

  • Sunday, June 8th – 7:00pm-9:00pm
  • New Harvest Christian Church – 1230 Blooming Grive Trple (Route 94), New Windsor NY
  • RSVP: bill@nyfaithandfreedom.com or call (845) 597-9142

May 12

America’s Role in the World in light of the Boka Haram Kidnapping

Whatever happened to the America that pledged to

pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

That was JFK’s inaugural speech in 1961. Today almost three hundred girls are held captive by thugs intent on destroying liberty in the world and we do nothing. Oh, excuse me; I forgot. We are “tweeting” outrage. Somehow I don’t think that’s what President Kennedy had in mind when he talked about our commitment to preserve liberty, especially since his statement was directed to foreign nations, whether they wished us “well, or ill.”

Remember when Michelle Obama said that for the first time she was proud of her country? Well, for the first time I can honestly say I am ashamed of my country, because we are no longer living up to the principles of our creed. Every friend and every adversary knows that we will not defend the cause of liberty around the world. No, in fact, the federal government is bent on destroying liberty right here in our homeland.

When there is a greater effort to promote gay, lesbian and trans-gender lifestyles than there is to capture the murderers of our foreign ambassadors, it becomes clear that we are quickly abandoning the vision of our founders in exchange for a godless, perverted vision that will end in a sad obituary for the nation that was once “the world’s last best hope.”

We need a revival in our land to awaken those who know the truth, but have been complacent while godless socialist activists have dominated the national agenda. We must once again declare with boldness that we are, in fact, One Nation Under God, and revisit the timeless principles that have preserved our liberties since the Pilgrims settled in Plymouth. Those principles are the very same principles that foster a virtuous life, without which there can be no preservation of liberty.

Mar 18


The missing Malaysian airline fiasco is a clear example of why the United States of America must never turn over any significant control to other powers, especially if we may have to rely on that body at any time in the future. It’s clear, the Malaysians are either stonewalling us, or are simply too incompetent to know what happened to the plane and are too embarrassed to admit it.

The present administration and it’s leftist cohorts live in a parallel universe created in their classrooms where humanity is evolving toward civility and peace, the end thereof will eventually be the ability to answer Rodney Kings’s classic mystery to the left, “Why can’t we just get along?”

There is no mystery. There is evil in the world that finds expression in human nature which does not change. That’s why we must never entrust our safety to others who are not as developed technologically, intellectually, and yes, even morally as we are. They become prime candidates for evil against us. Because evil is universal, it can very well emerge from our own ranks, however it’s only logical-at least for those who believe in logic-to minimize the chances of regrettable outcomes by keeping such universal power within our own realm of authority.

If we are to diffuse American power, let it be diffused among the states and among the people, as our “unevolved” founders envisioned, but let us never diffuse our power and might to others who have no regard for our well-being. In other words, defend the Constitution and reaffirm in all our public policy that yes, we are an exceptional nation because we are in fact, “One nation Under God.” There is no other like us.

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