Nov 20

Why President’s Obama’s Decision on Immigration is Totally Logical

The political pundits seem to be in a quandary over President’s Obama decision to suspend deportations of illegal immigrants when he previously repeated over and over why he couldn’t legally do so. It’s simple when one understands the lens through which he sees his authority. He is a subscriber to the liberal view of situational ethics and a “Living Constitution.” In that view the Constitution changes with the conditions of the times. This view was clearly articulated by Supreme Court Justice of the early 2oth century Charles Evans Hughes who said “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.” In other words, the ultimate authority to which all other authorities must be subordinate is the authority of the person in power at the time of the decision. So when Obama said it was illegal for him to do so, that was true by the authority of his interpretation, but now when he says it is legal, by that same authority it becomes legal. Another word for this governing philosophy is “totalitarianism.” The ultimate authority is not the text of a law or the Constitution, but the judgment of the person in authority. It’s clear that if this establishes a new precedent you can kiss liberty goodbye—God forbid it!

Oct 21

Redemption of a Nation–the Triumph of the Church!

Hear Bill’s message to the Church before the 2014 elections.  Click here

Oct 06

Supremes Abdicate

Today the U.S. Supreme Court abdicated its responsibility to resolve conflicts between the states concerning the issue of the redefinition of marriage.

In a spiritual sense this represents another leap toward Sodom.  If we continue disregarding the [i]eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.” we will continue to see the undoing of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. As surely as we have enjoyed His favor resulting in peace and prosperity, we will experience more, violence, war and economic decline as consequences of disregarding our allegiance to the God of our forefathers. And yes, I’m speaking of judgment on America, because of our national sin. As Founding Father George Mason admonished,

[ii]As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes national sins by national calamities.”

In a political and legal sense, the only hope for America is to begin work toward a Federal Marriage Amendment to our Constitution defining  the institution of marriage, once-and-for-all,  as the union of one man and one woman unrelated by blood.

On November 4th every Christian eligible to vote must vote for godly leadership at every level of government from dog catcher on up. We must begin a turn-around back to common sense American values or our grandchildren will curse us for handing over to them a country cursed by God, instead of the one handed to us that was blessed by God.

[i] George Washington Inaugural address, April 30, 1789

[ii] America’s Providential History (Charlottesville, Va.: Providence Foundation, 1991), p. 227

Oct 06


On November 4th we must begin a national turn-around away from this failed experiment in humanistic socialism which is clearly, and systematically destroying the blessings of liberty first planted in American soil by our founders who were committed to becoming “One Nation Under God.” Every person eligible to vote must be registered, and must vote for the man or woman who best reflects the ideology that will insure the preservation of ordered liberty. Our foundational institutions are at stake, like the right to life, authentic marriage and religious liberties, not to speak of a free market system that has produced the most prosperous nation in world history. British statesman Edmund Burke told us, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” We dare not be counted among those who do nothing, or our grandchildren will rise up to curse us for allowing evil to triumph. “We, the people” are responsible for the character of our government. So, on November 4th we must begin the turn toward common-sense “American” values at every level of New York government from Dog Catcher to Governor, and prepare to do the same at a national level in 2016.

Oct 02

I Pledge Sunday 2014 – 6:30pm – Join us!

Recording Artist AVA ASTON will be with us live to minister her hit, “We The People.”

Join us At New Harvest Christian Church – 1230 Blooming Grove Trpke. New Windsor NY.

For more info call (845) 561-9499 or

Sep 03

Star Spangled Sunday

We will be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of our National Anthem during an event open to the public entitled STAR-SPANGLED SUNDAY on September 14th at 6:30 pm. We will participate in a live simulcast with other Americans from across the nation to hear the untold story of the history of this anthem born in the heat of battle. This is an event for every concerned American to be reminded of God’s “grace shed on thee” from the beginning days of our new republic until now. The event will be held at New Harvest Christian Church, 1230 Blooming Grove Trpke., New Windsor, NY. All concerned citizens are invited to attend this free event. For more information you may go to their web site or call (845) 561-9499.

Join us and bring a friend…or two, or three.  RSVP


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