The New York Faith & Freedom Coalition stands in strong opposition to the passage of The Counselor Coercion Bill (S.121 – Hoylman/A.4958 – Glick) which would make it unlawful for mental health professionals to practice change therapy with minor clients. Professionals who engage in change therapy with minors under 18 years of age could have their licenses suspended or revoked, and be fined up to $10,000.00 per charge.

This is nothing less than an attempt at social engineering to advance the agenda of the LGBT activists who have successfully commandeered the seats of government in Albany.

This legislation is a clear threat to our liberties when it comes to religion, speech and conscience. The state must not undermine the authority of parents or the self determination of minors who freely choose to live a lifestyle that is consistent with values derived from a Judeo-Christian tradition.

This is about much more than therapy. It’s about subjugating religion to the idol of political correctness. People of faith of every mainstream expression must take a stand to resist this assault by the most ungodly administration in the history of our state for the preservation of liberty for the benefit of our posterity.


In 2017 we took the entire year to study America’s Godly Heritage. In 2018 we took the year to study the U.S. Constitution from a Biblical perspective. This year we will begin a year-long study entitled

“America’s Challenging Issues from a Biblical Perspective.”

Each month, ( except July and August), we will take a separate issue and discuss what our position should be concerning each using Biblical principles as our guide. This is the schedule we plan on following:

  • January – The Sanctity of Life
  • February – The Sanctity of Marriage and Family.
  • March – Immigration, Border Security and National Defense
  • April – Tax Reform and the Economy
  • May – Global Politics & International Relations
  • June – Religious Liberty
  • September – Education in America
  • October – Constitutionalism
  • November – Entitlements and Healthcare
  • December – The Economy and Jobs

Our goal is to provide a general understanding of each issue to equip the Christian activist with sufficient knowledge to engage in conversation and influence his/her sphere of influence toward a more Biblical worldview regarding these important issues facing our generation.

Each meeting will begin with a time of praise and worship, a study of God’s word concerning the subject at hand, discussion and prayer for our nation and our leaders. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month unless otherwise noted. Sign up to receive our alerts and notices here.

Our meetings are open to all concerned citizens, however, we do encourage membership in the New York Faith & Freedom Coalition to help advance the principles that have made us the Empire State.

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I just listened to Governor Cuomo’s inauguration speech after which it becomes quite clear that New Yorkers are left with a choice in 2019–fight or flight!

New Yorkers of reasonable intelligence cannot sit by while our governor, advances a godless progressive agenda that calls evil good and good evil.

Since we are not leaving New York, our only choice is to fight to see godly values restored for the sake of coming generations and God’s glory. (Come to think of it, I didn’t hear the mention of God once in Cuomo’s speech though he talked of angels and spirits–but no God…hmmm!).

We will need your help in 2019. We too have an agenda for the New Year, but we will need your help to carry it through to success. Here is what we’re planning.

  1. Hold a monthly prayer and educational meeting:
    1. to pray for our state, our nation and its leaders at every government level
    2. to learn about the current issues impacting our faith and our families.
    3. To understand the Biblical approach to current issues
    4. To develop strategies to influence public policy to align with our Judeo-Christian heritage.
  2. We will speak out in the public square using whatever forms of media possible to advance Biblical principles.
  3. We will train Christians and mobilize the Church to occupy the seats of influence in order to bring our state and our nation back to God.
  4. We will work with other pro-God and pro-family groups to advance among others, three non-negotiable issues: Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty.

We encourage you to listen to the governor’s speech on Youtube to get a sense of the direction these godless leaders intend on taking New York, then join the New York Faith and Freedom Coalition to stand against this diabolical plan to turn the Empire State into a “Socialist-Sodomite” State.

Join now and come to our first meeting of the New Year on January 18th.

With God all things are possible.”—Matthew 23:26


Now that the mid-term elections are over it’s time to re-evaluate our activities and strategies concerning the future of this nation.

The Democrats won the House of Representatives putting them in a position to either work toward a better America, or undermine the President’s pro-growth, pro-America agenda. Time will tell which path they will take. After the results were in Nancy Pelosi began reciting the motto “E Pluribus Unum,” yet she continually talks about being the champion of women, minorities, the LGBT community, and so on. It’s important to emphasize the fact that the Greek “E Pluribus Unum” is expressed in the English motto, “One Nation Under God.” That must be the guiding principle to work toward, and we must emphasize the words “Under God.” With that in mind let me propose the way forward.

First we must educate the public concerning those founding principles that must be continually re-affirmed in order to maintain the exceptional level of peace and prosperity we have known over the years. To this end the New York Faith & Freedom Coalition will continue to conduct educational opportunities on an ongoing basis, and remain available to teach and speak wherever and whenever possible.

Secondly, we must equip and encourage citizens to be part of the leadership at every level of government. The clergy and community leaders must teach the responsibility of duty to our community, as part of our duty to God.

The God issue must become part of our national conversation. What does it mean to be one nation under God? That must be the North Star to which we must all be directed to. That is the only real unity that can be realized to advance peace and prosperity.

In New York State, the Democrats now have total control over state government, having won the majority in the State Senate, the only bulwark we had against bad, unbiblical legislation. We can expect expansion of abortion and gay rights, and socialistic policies while trying to silence the Christian voice any way they can.
People of faith must be totally informed and engaged while praying like it all depends on God, but also working like it all depends on us. No excuses. Our complacency is the reason evil is advancing, but I read the back of the book. We win. I just want to take as many as I can with me to the finish line.


The reason this next election is so absolutely pivotal in the life of our nation is that it will determine the fundamental nature of our society moving forward. Will we remain faithful to our national motto, or will we discard our allegiance to God, and His order of right and wrong in order to adopt a new godless paradigm for society and law. In other words, will it be “God, or No God.”?

From the days the Pilgrims landed off Plymouth to declare they came here, “For the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian religion,” an allegiance to God and a Biblical worldview has been the foundation of our society, our laws and our public institutions. However with the rise of Secular Humanism, and an antagonistic attitude in academia toward any mention of God, the bonds to our national religion have been slowly, but systematically frayed. Today, we find ourselves barely anchored to our founding principles by only a few strands of knowledge and devotion.

The reason for our national success cannot be attributed to our Constitution, since we see other nations have tried to replicate it and failed. No, it is the spirit of the Constitution, and the general sentiment expressed in our national Motto, “In God We Trust,” that has provided the solid foundation for a civil and prosperous society unseen in the rest of the world.

John Adams warned us that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governing of any other.” “As a whale goes through a net…” he said, would a godless people violate the tenets of any paper Constitution.

President Reagan later told us that without God, there is a coarsening of the society. Isn’t that what we’ve been witnessing over these last decades wherever we have displaced God with Humanism?
The Democrat party platform seeks to advance a humanistic ideology that rejects the sovereignty of God. What they call “progressive” is actually regressive as it would take us back to a time before the Jewish law brought order and civility to human social order. The history of world civilizations offers proof of this failed system. The models of the Roman or Greek society, or the history of Sodom and Gomorrah offer a clear picture of where a godless trajectory would take us.

That’s why Americans must vote on November 6th to reject godlessness and reassert the importance of remaining “One Nation Under God.”

American clergy and national leaders must teach the citizenry to reject the Democrat platform. This isn’t about politics; it’s about the Biblical faith that safeguards the “blessings of liberty.” Will it be God or No God? That is the choice we will make as a nation on November 6th. God help us to make the right choice.


After a long and unbecoming confirmation process, the United States Senate today confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the next associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. We congratulate Brett Kavanaugh and thank God for his hard fought confirmation
This historic event has brought to the fore the very nature of the conflict we will see in the coming months and years as we strive toward a “more perfect union.”
When a tube is squeezed what’s inside will come out. Well, the tube called the Democrat Party has been squeezed by the nomination of an originalist for the highest court in the land, and visible to all, out came hate, lies, false accusations, vulgarity and contempt for authority and our Constitutional republic. This reveals the spirit of the Democrat Party, and it is nothing less than demonic at its source.
That’s why there are no longer “moderate” Democrats. Decent Americans would no longer have their good names associated with such godlessness and are disassociating with the Democrat Party in numbers never seen before.
In fact, the recent antics of the Democrat Party should signal the beginning of the end of a Party taken over by militants blinded by hate and intolerance.
The November elections will tell. Let us pray that Americans vote for civility and a restoration of our founding principle, “One Nation Under God.”