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Not too long ago, before the last presidential election I was preaching a warning that this nation had gone beyond the tipping point in its rebellion against God, and would see judgement the same way Israel experienced God’s judgement by being taken into captivity by the Babylonians because of their rebellion. We were following the same path.

Today I have good news.  Read on…

Jun 16


The recent shooting targeting Republicans at a baseball diamond in Virginia brought to light something that is otherwise hidden, but nevertheless real, something we must be seriously aware of–that is the “spirit” of the left. That is a hate-filled murderous spirit that is intent on destroying our current President and everything associated with his administration. Unfortunately, the shooting was only a portent of things to come as the left becomes unhinged because of their loss of power and the rise of an administration that unapologetically declares that in America we don’t worship government; we worship God. This comes down to the classic battle between good and evil, and yes, between God and Satan.
Those on the left who have murder in their hearts toward President Trump, Republicans and the political right, are clueless concerning who it is that is pulling their strings. The very nature of evil is to work in darkness to conceal the author of such a spiritual conspiracy, yet from time to time it reveals itself with acts of violence, vulgar speech and hate-filled rhetoric.
It appears as though we are headed for a civil war, a war for the soul of America between the godless left and those who seek to restore the centrality of God in the life of our nation. As terrible as the first Civil War was, the next civil war may be even worse. At least during our War Between the States both sides were guided by their Christian faith, and restrained by the biblical parameters of justice and mercy.
In the coming civil war while the right still adheres to the limitations of our Judeo-Christian tradition, the godless left will be unrestrained engaging in immorality and violence justifying their actions by their stated goals. The ends will justify the means.

How can we avoid this great American tragedy looming on the horizon? We must reaffirm the truth of our creed that we are, in fact, one nation under God, and that our rights come to us, as John F. Kennedy told us, not by the generosity of the state but by the hand of God. We must agree on that standard as the starting point of all our political discourse. President Andrew Jackson reminded us that the Bible is the rock upon which our nation stands. We may disagree on what it means, but the pursuit of greater understanding and a “more perfect union” can only come from a mutual allegiance to a fixed standard, that standard upon which our founders established this exceptional nation, and upon which great leaders have looked to for wisdom to lead the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Political leaders at every level of government must boldly reaffirm for this generation what leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and others throughout our history have declared for their contemporaries that those nations only are blessed whose god is the Lord.

We, the people, must demand from our public servants a bold reaffirmation of our national motto–that it is in God that they will place their trust, and that they will seek to rule according to the principles set forth in the Constitution as perceived through a biblical worldview lens. We must not neglect the God issue. President Reagan warned us that if we ever cease to be one nation under God we will be one nation gone under. May it never be!

Our children and our grandchildren are awaiting for us to go on the offensive with the love and truth we inherited from our forefathers. Let us be faithful to the call.

Apr 29

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Apr 03

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Posted by Mert Melfa on Friday, March 31, 2017

Feb 03


Jan 24


As I watched the women’s march last Saturday I took note of the signs of vulgarity and profanity that are so much a part of the identity of that movement. Why is this type of demonstration characteristic of the left, but not the right? It’s actually because the progressive movement is an anti-God movement at its very core. It is the physical manifestation of the eternal struggle between good and evil, between–dare I say it—between God and Satan.

Think about it. How many of those who march dressed as human vaginas or holding signs in one hand with profanity written on them while holding their own children with the other hand go to church on Sunday?

Whatever clergy may be part of the movement are clearly not associated with a Bible believing denomination, and are clearly not a part of the movement of God upon the earth, but rather impostors claiming to know God while working to undermine His will for humanity.

The vulgarity and profanity that comes out of their mouths reveals what is truly in their hearts, and it is certainly not tolerance or love, but rather intolerance and hate.

I would encourage those who are being seduced into this movement to consider who it is that is pulling the strings of progressives and to choose to serve the God of love who sent His Son to demonstrate how we are to regard one another. As the American philosopher Bob Dylan taught us, “Everybody’s got to serve somebody.” No one stands alone. We serve good or evil, God or Satan. We must not be ignorant of the invisible forces driving what is visible, and freely choose who we will serve.

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