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Jan 24


As I watched the women’s march last Saturday I took note of the signs of vulgarity and profanity that are so much a part of the identity of that movement. Why is this type of demonstration characteristic of the left, but not the right? It’s actually because the progressive movement is an anti-God movement at its very core. It is the physical manifestation of the eternal struggle between good and evil, between–dare I say it—between God and Satan.

Think about it. How many of those who march dressed as human vaginas or holding signs in one hand with profanity written on them while holding their own children with the other hand go to church on Sunday?

Whatever clergy may be part of the movement are clearly not associated with a Bible believing denomination, and are clearly not a part of the movement of God upon the earth, but rather impostors claiming to know God while working to undermine His will for humanity.

The vulgarity and profanity that comes out of their mouths reveals what is truly in their hearts, and it is certainly not tolerance or love, but rather intolerance and hate.

I would encourage those who are being seduced into this movement to consider who it is that is pulling the strings of progressives and to choose to serve the God of love who sent His Son to demonstrate how we are to regard one another. As the American philosopher Bob Dylan taught us, “Everybody’s got to serve somebody.” No one stands alone. We serve good or evil, God or Satan. We must not be ignorant of the invisible forces driving what is visible, and freely choose who we will serve.

Jan 19

A New Era

Tomorrow Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of our country. Most Americans now take such an event for granted never really appreciating the miracle this event represents. In all of world history no other nation has ever changed leadership 45 times without violence, war or turmoil. The “peaceful transition of power” is not normal, but rather exceptional, and I believe it is a product of our general Christian character that respects order and authority, and recognizes that there is a God who governs in the affairs of men to whom we must all be accountable.

Democratic legislators and others who have chosen to dishonor this sacred event represent an increasing godlessness that taken to further extremes represents that force that wreaks havoc in other nations where each one is a god unto himself and does not realize, or may in fact reject, the truth that it is God who raises up leaders and puts others down, even if it is through the electoral process.

The inauguration of Donald Trump will mark the beginning of a turnaround from the descending social-political character of our nation to one that will turn in a positive upward direction. As President Reagan told us, it’s not a matter of left or right, but rather of up or down. The nation will put a stop to the downward trend we have experienced over the past several decades and begin an upward turn to restore America’s greatness.

However, there is no guarantee that Trump will succeed. It is up to the Church. It will be the prayers of the saints that God may respond to in bringing healing and restoration to our nation. I believe it was the prayer of the saints that God responded to in raising Donald Trump for the presidency. In God’s mercy he is granting us yet another window of opportunity to get it right, to turn from our self-centered ways and turn back to the God in whom we say we place out trust.

As The Church of Jesus Christ we must pray for Donald Trump, his family and his staff and we must be engaged in the political process as we exercise faithful stewardship of the gift of liberty.

The love of God must be the characteristic trait that identifies us as we continue to preach and teach the biblical order God has ordained for his human creation.
We must believe God for a “revivolution,” that is a political-governmental revolution inspired by a spiritual revival. We must turn back to God.
So let tomorrow’s inauguration mark the beginning of our turning back to God.

Dec 26

Looking Forward to 2017!

At the close of 2016 we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that a progressive liberal will not be sitting in the White House after January 20th. But we dare not get too comfortable. Our salvation will never come from the man, or woman in the White House but rather from the men and women in the Church who will understand the need for faithful stewardship of our liberty, and be willing to get on our faces before God in humble repentance, and a desperate appeal to Heaven until we see our nation turn back to the truths of our creed, “One Nation Under God.”
To this end we will begin teaching a brand new course entitled, “AMERICA’S GODLY HERITAGE,” beginning on Friday night, January 27th. I will be teaching this course personally. I invite you to join us. No registration fee, just a willing heart to see our nation turn back to God. More info log on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/americas-godly-heritage-tickets-30590669516?aff=ehomecard

Dec 10

Back in Action!

As you probably know our faith & Freedom Website has been inactive over the last nine months because we have been busy with our campaign to win the 104th Assembly Seat in New York. We are now back on line. We didn’t win the election but Trump did. That’s our consolation. We developed a team and a momentum that we will continue into the new year. Be sure to stay tuned for further events and activities. If you aren’t on our email list be sure to get on by sending me an email to bill@nyfaithandfreedom.com and just put in the subject box, “subscribe.”

Mar 05



I haven’t said too much about the presidential primary race because, for one, the New York Primary isn’t until April 19th, and by then the nominee could very well have secured the delegates needed, making the New York primary Election meaningless. Secondly, the situation in the Republican Party has been so utterly terrible that it demands comment.  The latest egregious act from the Republican establishment was Mitt Romney’s scathing rebuke of Donald Trump.  The antics between the competing candidates looks like a race to the bottom, and is an embarrassment to Republicans and citizens who hold decency in high regard, myself being one of them.

I’m particularly dismayed by the actions of those who claim the Name of Christ, namely Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Are they so Biblically illiterate that they don’t know that it is God himself who raises up leaders and puts them down, that promotion comes from The Lord. (Psalm 75:6,7). If God is raising up Donald Trump to be our leader it could be either very good, or very bad. We simply don’t know the future. Neither do we know that God may be raising him up to be a blessing, or a curse. What we do know is that it is God who raises up kings, and if God is raising him up, God forbid we touch His anointed.  Yes, we have every right and responsibility to vote for the best candidate that conforms to Biblical values, but after we vote we are not to “attack” those who God is raising up, but rather pray for them that they might lead us in righteousness.

Do you remember when Peter and the apostles came under attack from the religious establishment of the day?  (Acts 5:27-38) Gamaliel told them to not touch them because if it was not of God it will come to nothing, but if it was of God, the “establishment” would find itself fighting God himself!

Could it be that it is God who is raising up Trump? Could that be why he is defying all conventional rules? Could the “Teflon” actually be God’s anointing?  I don’t know.  Yes, we must vote for the one we believe is best qualified to lead this nation, but whoever comes to the fore should be the target of our prayers, not our insults.  We may not all be called to be evangelists, but we are all called to be witnesses to an unbelieving world. Let us be good witnesses. And let us never lose sight of the fact that it is God who rules in the affairs of men and of nations. So we must pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us, and never touch God’s anointed or come against what God may be doing. Duty is ours; results are God’s.

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