What Do We Learn From the Durham Report?

Could it be any plainer why we need God in America again? Just take one look at the condition of our nation. There’s a good reason why our founders included in their state charters and constitutions, the requirement that one must profess belief in God, the Scriptures and in a system of eternal rewards and …

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NEW GOVERNING PHILOSOPHY: ”MIGHT MAKES RIGHT” Rev. Bill Banuchi Since Joe Biden assumed the office of the presidency and the Democrats took a working majority in the Senate they wasted no time displaying their new governing philosophy: “Might Makes Right.” One only has to look at the Democrats’ move to impeach Donald Trump and conduct …

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The Truth About Socialism-A Quick Primer



In 2017 we took the entire year to study America’s Godly Heritage. In 2018 we took the year to study the U.S. Constitution from a Biblical perspective. This year we will begin a year-long study entitled “America’s Challenging Issues from a Biblical Perspective.” Each month, ( except July and August), we will take a separate …

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Preaching Liberty in Liberty

  On Saturday (Aug 3rd) Bill brought the Word of the Lord to Liberty NY to declare that we are still One Nation Under God. At this day-long Gospel Fest Bill was joined by men from Teen Challenge, Albany, and other churches and ministries from the area. A special guest and speaker was Roy Costner, …

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There are those who believe The United States of America never was an exceptional country, and they act in ways that are consistent with that un-exceptionalism, thus contributing to self-fulfilling prophecy, because those individuals happen to be in places of national and state leadership. Let me explain. When the Attorney General of our nation, or …

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