In 2017 we took the entire year to study America’s Godly Heritage. In 2018 we took the year to study the U.S. Constitution from a Biblical perspective. This year we will begin a year-long study entitled

“America’s Challenging Issues from a Biblical Perspective.”

Each month, ( except July and August), we will take a separate issue and discuss what our position should be concerning each using Biblical principles as our guide. This is the schedule we plan on following:

  • January – The Sanctity of Life
  • February – The Sanctity of Marriage and Family.
  • March – Immigration, Border Security and National Defense
  • April – Tax Reform and the Economy
  • May – Global Politics & International Relations
  • June – Religious Liberty
  • September – Education in America
  • October – Constitutionalism
  • November – Entitlements and Healthcare
  • December – The Economy and Jobs

Our goal is to provide a general understanding of each issue to equip the Christian activist with sufficient knowledge to engage in conversation and influence his/her sphere of influence toward a more Biblical worldview regarding these important issues facing our generation.

Each meeting will begin with a time of praise and worship, a study of God’s word concerning the subject at hand, discussion and prayer for our nation and our leaders. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month unless otherwise noted. Sign up to receive our alerts and notices here.

Our meetings are open to all concerned citizens, however, we do encourage membership in the New York Faith & Freedom Coalition to help advance the principles that have made us the Empire State.

To Join The New York Faith & Freedom Coalition click Here

To let us know we can expect to see you at our first meeting of the year on Jan. 18th click here.

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