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Word for 2024

First, a recap of 2023 – In short, it was a year of sifting; of separating the wheat from the chaff, identifying the real warriors, while exposing the cowardly pretenders who name the Name, but will not count the cost of discipleship. John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus at his first coming and …

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The horrific events currently occurring in Israel are a clear example of the reality of evil in the world. The Bible tells us that it is Satan who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Wherever you see theft, murder and destruction you can know what spirit is controlling the hearts and minds of those who …

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Get Ready for November

President Biden recently called Americans who believe in the governing philosophy advanced by President Donald Trump, “semi-fascists.” One thing you can know for sure about the Socialist-Democrats is that whatever they accuse you of is simply a projection of what they, themselves are, or are doing. The recent announcement of a $10,000 or $20,000 giveaway …

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Being the Salt

Being the Salt – Howell’s Church July 17, 2022

Public Schools Sexualizing our Children. What’s a Parent to Do?

New Jersey public school second graders will be getting lessons related to gender identity this fall under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. According to Foxnews.com. one school district already distributed sample lesson plans indicating first graders could be taught they can have “boy parts” but “feel like” a girl. We’re talking about …

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Dear Friends and fellow warriors, I haven’t made any public statements concerning the elections until now, because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t reacting in the flesh, and so I waited to be as certain as I can be that I’m hearing from the mind of Christ, the heart of God. First of all, …

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