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Mar 07

Cuomo’s Duplicitous Governance

Having failed to get his abortion expansion act passed by the Senate as part of his “Women’s Equality Act” several years ago, Governor Cuomo is now trying to attach this provision to the state budget. I guess he hasn’t gotten the memo that this nation is once again respecting the sanctity of life, and we …

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Sep 17

DACA: A Case for Justice and Mercy

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is an issue that calls for justice and mercy. Justice demands that we honor and abide by laws duly established. Our immigration laws must be enforced. We are a nation of laws and not of men (or women). DACA was unconstitutional, and it therefore must be corrected or nullified. …

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Aug 28


  VIDEO MESSAGE MESSAGE TEXT Today I want to speak to you about the current events we witnessed played out in Charlottesville, and similar events around the country. One might first ask, “How is it that in 2017 we’re still seeing these displays of violence, bigotry and hatred?” You would think that if human beings …

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Jul 25


A NEW DAY FOR AMERICA? Not too long ago, before the last presidential election I was preaching a warning that this nation had gone beyond the tipping point in its rebellion against God, and would see judgement the same way Israel experienced God’s judgement by being taken into captivity by the Babylonians because of their …

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Jan 24


As I watched the women’s march last Saturday I took note of the signs of vulgarity and profanity that are so much a part of the identity of that movement. Why is this type of demonstration characteristic of the left, but not the right? It’s actually because the progressive movement is an anti-God movement at …

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Jan 19

A New Era

Tomorrow Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of our country. Most Americans now take such an event for granted never really appreciating the miracle this event represents. In all of world history no other nation has ever changed leadership 45 times without violence, war or turmoil. The “peaceful transition of power” …

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