A Case for Reclaiming the Language

Here we are in 2024 preparing for the most consequential presidential election of our lifetime, and ungodly Democrats are actually planning on using abortion as one of the issues they believe will help them win the presidency. How far have we fallen as a nation that abortion—the killing of an innocent human baby—can actually be thought of as a selling point for a major political party! More importantly, how can we win the argument to preserve the sanctity of life for the benefit of our posterity and the preservation of the blessings of liberty? Nothing less than the choice between liberty and tyranny hangs in the balance.

We must reclaim the language. Whoever defines the terms will win the argument. We have allowed the left to define the argument as one over “abortion.” The word, “abortion” speaks of the rights of the woman, and no one wants to deny women of their “reproductive rights”; that’s understandable, but it says nothing of the rights of the child in the womb. If we’re going to win the argument for the hearts and minds of Americans, we have to change the language to focus on the life and the rights of the baby in the womb. We must call it for what it is: “child-sacrifice.” That is not hyperbole or exaggeration. It is, in fact, what abortion is; it is the sacrificing of a baby for the “choice” of another. We must change the subject of the debate from the woman to the baby. In the present debate over abortion, the happiness of the woman is preferred over the life of the baby. Most reasonable Americans will agree, that ought not to be the case. We can win that argument. Child sacrifice must be unacceptable in modern-day America.

It will take bold public leaders to change the terms of the debate. Yes, the left will push back, but we must be firm knowing that truth is on our side. It is, in fact, the sacrifice of a child for the choice of another. No longer should we use the word, “abortion,” but rather use the term describing what it is: “child-sacrifice.” We will win that debate.

Let’s win the debate. For the benefit of the yet unborn, the continued greatness of our nation, and ultimately, for the glory of God!

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