Rev. Bill Banuchi

Since Joe Biden assumed the office of the presidency and the Democrats took a working majority in the Senate they wasted no time displaying their new governing philosophy: “Might Makes Right.”

One only has to look at the Democrats’ move to impeach Donald Trump and conduct a trial in the Senate even though it is unconstitutional on at least two clearly defined points: First, he is already out of office, and therefore the Senate has no jurisdiction over a civilian. Secondly, the Constitution explicitly calls for the Senate trial to be presided by the Chief Justice. Since Chief Justice Roberts has refused to preside over such a trial that should be the end of it. The Constitution does not provide for an alternate. But this Democrat Congress simply makes up its own rules and decides it will go through with a trial anyway. They will do it because they can. They have the power. After all, the Constitution is a “living document” and can mean whatever they determine it to mean. They have the power to define what the Constitution says about impeachment or anything else for that matter—might makes right!

This is the very essence of totalitarianism. No longer are we ruled by a fixed set of laws and principles. Laws and principles can now change to suit the desires of those in power, so that we are no longer a nation of laws but rather a nation of self-serving politicians. John Adams warned us about such a condition:

“…Avarice, ambition, revenge or gallantry would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other…:

Our founders understood that a constitution is only a piece of paper if corrupt leaders choose to disregard it, or to twist its meaning to suit their agenda. If the Constitution can mean anything, then it will mean nothing.

We must replace these godless politicians with men and women who are humble enough to submit to the founding principles which have afforded us the greatest nation this world has ever seen. If we fail liberty will be but a blip in the annals of world history. Might does not make right, and every concerned citizen must do all he or she can to re-establish the rule of law and classic righteousness which alone can exalt a nation. We must pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on us to restore the supremacy of Constitutional principles and law. God have mercy on the United States of America if we don’t.

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