Disappointed with Pence

Disappointed with Pence

One would hope that Christians like Mike Pence (and Ron DeSantis, for that matter) would have the spiritual maturity to see what God is doing in the life of our nation and the 2024 presidential campaign, but it seems like their vision has been obscured by either spiritual immaturity or personal ambition, or perhaps, a combination of both.

At the risk of sounding simplistic, let me posit that this presidential election will be a fight between God and Satan. Each one is represented by a human host, namely Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Each one is commanding an army of spiritual agents vying for control of this nation. A spiritually mature Christian would be able to see what’s going on in the spiritual realm, and would be willing to forego any personal agenda in order to support the advancement of God’s agenda. It is as President Lincoln told a reporter when asked if he was concerned about God being on the side of the Union. His answer expressed that his concern was not whose side God was on, but the he would be on God’s side.

Whether one likes Trumps’ personality or not, it’s plain to any clear-headed American that he has had God’s favor, because he has acknowledged God openly and publicly, and has worked effectively to advance God’s agenda in our nation.

The threshold of carnality is that point at which one leaves their spiritual guidance and gives in to their own natural ambition. I believe both Pence and DeSantis have made that transgression. I like both men, but I’m sadly disappointed that they are not doing all they can to support President Trump, who is –at least, for now—the man anointed to help bring our nation back to Him. In fact, the tone of Pence’s latest remarks suggests to me that he may have fallen to the dark side. We must all continue to pray like it all depends on God–because it does—and work like it all depends on us, because it does that also. We place our trust in no man, but in God.

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    • jessica on August 11, 2023 at 20:48
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    yes, very disappointed in Pense ,,is he a real Christian? fake, he has no discernment , Pense didn’t see the lies and deception with Jan 6th. the left has destroyed trump almost to the point of no return, also trump should keep his mouth shut bashing DeSantis, he is well liked has a good chance , he should not be running against trump, what’s really going on , behind the scene. the republican debate will be entertaining, NY voter rolls are corrupt the computer picks the winner of the election 2.5 million fake counterfeit voters added to election results . our vote doesn’t count,,,, God is in control

    TRUMP 2024

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