I Had a Dream

I had a dream last night after I went to bed having heard that President Obama is the likely winner of the elections. I dreamed that I was watching a seedy looking old man giving lollipops to a little girl, luring her into a room where I knew he was about to abuse her, but for some reason –I think there was a pane of glass in front of me–I couldn’t stop it.
I woke up realizing that the dream was about the way I saw the election. The President lured the masses with lollipop promises, and America will be ravaged.
But unlike the dream, I can do something. I don’t have to sit idly by watching the country I love get raped of its goodness—I will not sit idly by!
God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to withhold His grace from us, and he has given us what we asked for. We need not be ignorant of future events. The historical record shows us that when Israel wanted a king to be like the other nations around them, God granted their request, but warned them that if they chose a king, that king would redistribute their wealth to those of his choosing. He warned them that ultimately, they would become enslaved, (1 Samuel 8:6-22). By the eighth century B.C. Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians. There was no more freedom—there was no more Israel! If God did not spare Israel—His chosen people—why should we think he would spare us?
The little girl in my dream was America. I will not let her become ravaged, but I will do all I can to see a revival of the presence of God, and of those Christian principles that have produced the greatest nation the world has ever known, for the benefit of my grandchildren and for His glory.

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  1. I too had a dream…a very powerful dream in 2010. It may have been the most vivid dream I have ever had. I dreamt that I was a member of the tribe of Hebrew slaves led out of Egypt by Moses. The “moment” of the dream was at the time of forgetting, worshiping false idols and earthly pleasure while Moses ascended for the Tablets. It was so powerful, I wrote a letter the following day and mailed it to a number of local clergy. I shared my dream and it is so interesting that you use the metaphor of our being shoved into a closet because that is exactly what I described in my letter…only I expressed it as our (culture) having shoved God into a closet…and “how is it that we have allowed the one man (Glenn Beck) screaming from the rooftops to let God out and back into our lives, to be demonized while you (clergy) sit silent?” NOT ONE of them responded! I am so delighted on this special day to read the courage of your words Rev. Bill! God Bless you!!

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