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Spiritual State of the Union 2018

“Where the righteous rule the people rejoice; when the wicked are in power the people groan.”—Proverbs 29:2 One year ago, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into office and took his position as the 45th President of the United States. In a previous article I explained how Trump was a type of a King Cyrus who …

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  VIDEO MESSAGE MESSAGE TEXT Today I want to speak to you about the current events we witnessed played out in Charlottesville, and similar events around the country. One might first ask, “How is it that in 2017 we’re still seeing these displays of violence, bigotry and hatred?” You would think that if human beings …

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A NEW DAY FOR AMERICA? Not too long ago, before the last presidential election I was preaching a warning that this nation had gone beyond the tipping point in its rebellion against God, and would see judgement the same way Israel experienced God’s judgement by being taken into captivity by the Babylonians because of their …

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The recent shooting targeting Republicans at a baseball diamond in Virginia brought to light something that is otherwise hidden, but nevertheless real, something we must be seriously aware of–that is the “spirit” of the left. That is a hate-filled murderous spirit that is intent on destroying our current President and everything associated with his administration. …

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Of Rights and Duties – Lesson 4 America’s Godly Heritage

The De-Mythification of our Judicial System

Demystifying the Judicial System with Rev. Bill Banuchi Posted by Mert Melfa on Friday, March 31, 2017