Cuomo’s Duplicitous Governance

Having failed to get his abortion expansion act passed by the Senate as part of his “Women’s Equality Act” several years ago, Governor Cuomo is now trying to attach this provision to the state budget. I guess he hasn’t gotten the memo that this nation is once again respecting the sanctity of life, and we are no longer going to sanction the sacrifice of children in the name of women’s rights. Fortunately, Senate Finance Committee Chair Cathy Young (R-Olean) assured us at our recent New York CPAC Conference that the Senate will once again stop this assault on the most vulnerable, (over half of which are “women”). But that’s not all. He also has included, according to New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, a so-called “equal rights” amendment that could allow courts to read “transgender rights” into the New York Constitution, and a damaging bill that could subject churches and other institutions to frivolous lawsuits. Thank God for the watchdogs who keep us informed of the duplicitous attempts of this Governor. Every responsible New Yorker needs to contact their legislators and make their voices heard, or “we the people” will be hoodwinked once again.

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