Democrats Reveal the Real Threat to Our Constitution

Today’s announcement of the presentation of Articles of Impeachment against President Trump illustrate a clear threat to our Democracy, and it isn’t the President; it’s the radical Democrats who place themselves above the Constitution they claim to protect. Rather than an allegiance to our Constitution, their situational ethics mentality justify twisting the Constitution like a pretzel to justify impeaching the President with the hope of creating so much smoke that voters would be dissuaded from voting for him on Election Day. I believe their attempts will backfire. Moderate Democrats (if there are any left), and Independents will see through the disingenuous antics and come out to vote for a President that, despite his unorthodox style, has accomplished more for Americans than any other president in my lifetime. Americans of every stripe must be thoroughly involved and engaged in the faithful stewardship of our liberty, or we may lose it.

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