As we head into 2013 and four more years of an Obama presidency, and its consequences, Christians and all freedom-loving Americans need to be clear on a plan moving forward. Let me propose three specific strategies that represent a different course than the failed course we have followed until now.

Whoever defines the debate gains a winning advantage. We have allowed the left to define the terms of the debate, and they are winning. I’m talking about such issues as abortion, and same-sex marriage.
When was the last time you heard anyone in a legitimate debate call abortion “baby murder?” Yet, that is exactly what abortion is. We’ve been too concerned with offending or even hurting others, so we have softened the language by calling it a “woman’s choice” or even “termination of a life.” It’s time we call it what it is, “baby murder.” We must say it repeatedly until truth sinks into the collective social psyche.
A homosexual marriage is a “sodomite” relationship and an “abomination.” It is “perversion” of human sexuality, and not a marriage at all. Yet we are afraid to use such words as “sodomite” or “perversion” because we don’t want to come off as “right-wing radicals” So we soften the language and the left wins.
It’s time to redefine the debate. Let’s talk about baby murder, and sodomite or perverted human relationships, an abomination in a country that still proclaims “in God We Trust.”

Our national mottos bring to a salient point the essential principles required for liberty, peace and prosperity: “In God We Trust” and “One Nation Under God.”
We must have a national conversation about the meaning of these foundational principles and how they are to influence public policy.

Even as our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor we can do no less. As Christians we must pray like it all depends on God, and as Americans we must work like it all depends on us. Both will be required.  This is no time for convenience Christianity or citizenship. We must be committed to the battle for the sake of coming generations.

I believe that if we adopt these three principles as strategies for spiritual and political engagement, we will stand a chance to turn the hearts of Americans back to God and to the principles that have provided the world the “Last Best Hope.”  It will be up to the people who know God to do it. It is wholly unreasonable to expect it from any other.


It’s been a week since the elections, and I have taken the entire week to pray, meditate and discern what lessons are to be gained from the events of November 6th.

First of all, my heart breaks at the condition of the Church. Unfortunately, there is still much racism in the Church as evidenced by the many black pastors who encouraged their congregations to elect a man who has proven to govern in ways that are plainly contrary to Scripture. I am encouraged, however, by the many Black pastors who have not bowed to the idol of skin color, but who have called the Democratic Party the “anti-Christian party” for the inclusion of same-sex marriage in their platform. It seems like rather than bringing us all together, President Barack Obama has caused more division even within his own race.

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Listen to the Message

Listen to the message Rev. Banuchi shared with the Body of Christ before the 2012 elections. Sermon and songs were recorded live at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church on Nov. 2, 2012.

Faith & Freedom or Fear and Bondage?

I Had a Dream

I had a dream last night after I went to bed having heard that President Obama is the likely winner of the elections. I dreamed that I was watching a seedy looking old man giving lollipops to a little girl, luring her into a room where I knew he was about to abuse her, but for some reason –I think there was a pane of glass in front of me–I couldn’t stop it.
I woke up realizing that the dream was about the way I saw the election. The President lured the masses with lollipop promises, and America will be ravaged.
But unlike the dream, I can do something. I don’t have to sit idly by watching the country I love get raped of its goodness—I will not sit idly by!
God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to withhold His grace from us, and he has given us what we asked for. We need not be ignorant of future events. The historical record shows us that when Israel wanted a king to be like the other nations around them, God granted their request, but warned them that if they chose a king, that king would redistribute their wealth to those of his choosing. He warned them that ultimately, they would become enslaved, (1 Samuel 8:6-22). By the eighth century B.C. Israel was taken into captivity by the Assyrians. There was no more freedom—there was no more Israel! If God did not spare Israel—His chosen people—why should we think he would spare us?
The little girl in my dream was America. I will not let her become ravaged, but I will do all I can to see a revival of the presence of God, and of those Christian principles that have produced the greatest nation the world has ever known, for the benefit of my grandchildren and for His glory.


There is no legitimate reason for clergy to remain silent at such a critical time in our nation’s history. IRS rules not withstanding, we must encourage Americans to vote for Romney for president and Wendy Long for U.S. Senate. In local races we must choose candidates who support three non-negotiable issues: the sanctity of life, the preservation of authentic marriage and religious freedoms (threatened by Obamacare). Candidates for Congress such as Nan Hayworth best represent those values. On a State level we must support people like Christine Bello running against a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Skartados for NY Assembly. In Dutchess County we have people like Neil DiCarlo and David Byrne who deserve the Christian vote. The clergy must speak out. Don’t be muzzled by an unconstitutional rule. James Garfield, 20th President of the U.S. and an ordained minister told us,
“The people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities.”
We must demand these qualities, and be willing to put our names to it!

Come Out!

I just read an article reporting that a black bishop from Virginia is calling for an “exodus” from the Democratic Party of those who call themselves Christians, particularly Black Christians. (The bishop objects to the label “African-American.” He says he is an American who happens to be black.) Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. from Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia. says the Democratic Party is practicing a “cult-like devotion” to abortion, and has become the “anti-Christian Party,” as demonstrated by their rejection of biblical values, most notably, the inclusion of same-sex marriage in the Democratic Party platform.

No longer can the two labels be claimed with any sense of intellectual honesty. You can’t be a Christian and a Democrat now that the two are diametrically opposed. Christianity is for protecting life; the Democratic platform is for taking life through abortion. Christianity is about upholding God’s order for marriage and family; the Democratic Party is for redefining marriage and sanctioning homosexuality.

We need more Christian leaders who will teach and preach the truths of God’s intention for our nation. I therefore whole-heartedly add my Hispanic voice to my Black brother’s in saying, “Come out from among them!”