The New York Faith & Freedom Coalition strongly condemns the passage–and the celebration of the passage–of the legalization of infanticide in the state of New York State under the guise of the Women’s Reproductive Health Act. This legislation has nothing to do with reproduction or health, but rather legalizes every horrendous crime Kermit Gosnell was convicted of in his abortion business where babies and mothers were selfishly murdered. This is not progress, but rather regression reminiscent of those cultures before the Jewish law introduced civility into the human experience. Those who see this as “progress” have a very short-sighted or ignorant view of world history.

Unfortunately, we see this as only the first of a barrage of coming laws set at replacing our Judeo-Christian standard of morality with a new morality derived from the religion of Secular Humanism—where man is god and he will save himself and set his own standards.

For this reason the New York Faith and Freedom Coalition will be working diligently to educate New Yorkers about these and other issues that threaten our faith, our families and our freedom while also working to advance a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to safeguard the very first of our God-given rights on behalf of the little ones who cannot speak for themselves.  We must work to defend “the least of these,” or God will surely hold us accountable.

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