There are those who believe The United States of America never was an exceptional country, and they act in ways that are consistent with that un-exceptionalism, thus contributing to self-fulfilling prophecy, because those individuals happen to be in places of national and state leadership. Let me explain.

When the Attorney General of our nation, or a state, can choose which laws they will enforce, and which they will not, we are no longer a nation ruled by law—one of the traits that have made us exceptional on the world stage. We are, instead, ruled by people where “might makes right.” This is standard operating procedure for un-exceptional third world countries, not a Constitutional Republic for which we have set the gold standard, at least until now.

Eric Holder’s choice not to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision signaling that they will not challenge states redefinition of marriage gave permission to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane to choose not to defend Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage which is the law. This is not about “prosecutorial discretion.” It’s about refusing to uphold the Constitutions and the laws of the state and nation. In effect, the law becomes whatever those in power say it is. The King is the Law. Isn’t that what we supposedly “progressed” from in the sixteenth century? Whatever happened to “Lex Rex,” the Law is King?

If we continue down this path not only will we continue to regress legally, but we will also regress socially and culturally. Authentic marriage was a step up in world civilization that contributed to order, peace and prosperity of nations. When it is abandoned, even in the name of “progress,” it actually moves us backward. When those in power can choose which laws to defend, our legal system also takes a step backward.

World history is replete with accounts of tyrants who started out by changing laws unilaterally. God forbid we abandon the rule of law, or we will surely be exceptional no more.


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    • Bill on July 13, 2013 at 19:08
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    Hit the nail on the head and how true Pastor.
    All the hiipes of the 60’s grew up now,run our country,and for years have been trying to do what is being done now.
    In mass like a tidal wave,their agenda has now come to the national level,and here in NYS and California which leads the nation,its the barometer for the whole country.
    We now see this with gay marriages,abortion,our politicans in mass being gay and elected,our laws changed to
    promote the gays,and the gun control agenda too as Mayor Bloomberg now speaks for the entire United States,
    on guns and outlawing them,to include a contingent now in Nevada,lobbying to change their gun laws too!
    With the situation in,and the Zimmerman case,do not be surprised too if Bloomberg and his croonies
    in the back ground too,and naturally the media too swaying it also on a national level.
    Media is liberal too,and of course big bucks and donors behind it too,and whoever has the money,makes the rules too!
    All part of their agenda,all comes down to spin,and hype,confuse the people,water down the rights,take away or toss Judeo-Christian values,prayer,and heaven forbid have a bible too and even read it or teach it to the masses or our kids!
    The gay marriages now have open a can of worms with our military,and especially now Christian Chaplains who as federal employees as commissioned officers have to confirm to Federal policy and now law too,or be suseptibale to court marshall,loss of benefits,or pension too just for being a christian and practicing their faith as taught.
    As sodomy is illegal also in the UCMJ,it has now been made legal as married now legaly,and have to even give them base housing and benefits too to go and perform it at Govt.expense too in base housing!They now have a right under the federal law,to perform acts of sodomy,sexual indecency or immoral acts the UCMJ punishes them for as illegal,but now made legal by Federal Law,our Supreme court.
    Next step will be multiple marriages down the road,euthenasia coming too,as no morals now exist as taken away too!Our children now have to read books in school called I have 2 mommies,or I have 2 Daddys,to brain wash the next generation too,of this agenda pushed for many years now and here as of record too!
    God out of the picture by design,by law,by man,by elected officials yet,we put in office.
    Our Lord said “I place you in a world as sheep among the wolves”as christians,the wolves are now certainly here,
    and being Christian or Jewish,or even Muslim,and those values,well just now a moot issue by design,as our govt.decreed it by act,by design,and agenda being pushed for years,and finaly now come to fruitation.
    Perhaps,these are the false prophets,our politicians of today,as Politics is the art of cheating the people by their own vote,as Teddy Roosevelt stated and appears to be very true today and may have come to pass!
    Satan the master of deceit,lies and everything evil,may have millions of souls thru this endevor,as its mass confusion,hatered of God and all of everything that is Good!And as we have free choice as man,we may be electing them to do it to us anyway,thru Satans plan,the grand duping of mankind,and politicians who promise everyone all for a vote,get in,by the people and do Satans works anyway,and in a democracy,we cannot complain,or gripe as we put them in office as voters.
    This is why careful consideration must be made come election time,to candidates running,but they have manipuated the voting system now to not even debates,agenda’s,just vote,and we put in those who we do not even know what they even stand for,and in the Congressional floor in DC,it has now come to pass the law,read it later,it’s OK just pass it,its on the floor and no floor debates anymore either for a new law passed by Congress!
    Your stuck with it after the vote,do not know whats attached,whats behind it,and we the people allow it to happen too!What ever happend to house floor debates on laws being voted on?Now its passed,just maybe a whimper,
    and thats how we do it today,and thats why were in the mess were in today too!
    And as stated above,lets not forget the lobbyists,who give them tons of moneys to vote their way too and sell us all out as Americans too and skirt even our constituion doing it as of record too!(bypass legally too) as they made a law too for that one somewhere along the line.(So its not unconstitutional)
    Our Lord has a plan,as Christians,we must never forget the issues,we stand behind God,our Faith,the 10 commandemnts,our bible,our Judeo- Christian teachings,and yes even our Muslim colleque teachings as all are related thru Abraham,both Muslim and Christian,and Jew alike,and the covenent applies to us Christans thru the Jews,as promised Abraham,not rthe muslims,but do have roots too back to Abraham,as the Jews do too!
    Covenet was promised to the Jews,God’s promises are ironclad forever,never change,still the same yesterday until tommorrow!
    The son was born,the messiah has come,the Jewish propechys have been delivered,our Saviour is alive,
    and we as Christians that is our faith,and God loves us all,Jew,Muslim,Christian alike,Protestant,Catholic,Baptist,
    Episcopal,Buddist,Hindu,he craeted us all,his image,man in his folly and ego,and power struggles,have put this all in place,by man himself,not God,and those who stay true to our Lord and his teachings,no matter what are promised salvation,as all the martys believed and died for,as an act of faith too.
    With these new laws,the world in a mess by Satans plan,where does man now stand,with God,or with man and his folly and who knows more than God,and who loves us more than God?
    Trials coming as Christians,handwriting on the wall,do we stand with Jesus or with man?
    Do we love material things and money more than God?And how stupid man is,as everything even moneys belong to God too,as he created everything,and is a tool for good if used right,or evil if used that way too!As we have free will,choice is ours,too!Satan has free reign for a little while,in the world,then comes Jesus,those with Satan belong to Satan,those with God,belong to God and his promises for doing such as is written.As Christians,true christians do not sell out,we keep to the promises of the bible and our Lord,and yes we are sheep among wolves as Jesus said,and that as belonging to God,is truly a blessing too,even though we do not understand it as man too in our folly
    and material things attitude and the almight buck,the new God,created by man too and his laws and changing things against God by money too and who has the most to sway a vote or buy a vote,over greed and ego’s and power here on earth,and we are here for only a short time,then its either in Heaven in eternity with God,or eternal damnation with Satan,choice is ours,we have free choice as man.

    • John Radell on July 14, 2013 at 20:53
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    Hello Everyone, Fear not. There have been greater tyrants then our president and countries sinking lower then we are now. We have God and He can do anything if we open our hearts, announce our weakness, ask for His forgiveness, and do the good work that is expected of us. We must not comply with illegal edicts, we must stand together and do what is right, and we must pray with all our hearts. Turn back to God and all things are possible.

    We must work as multi state coalitions and turn back the tide on Common Core and those policies that deface our moral fabric. We must just forces now and present such a great voting army that no politician who is against us will be able to stay in office. This is not the end, it is the beginng of a new era of greatness that will sweep through America. It can only happen if we believe, we pray, and we work together.

    We at Faith & Freedom Coalition Delaware will stand with you, will you stand with us.

    God Bless you all, John Radell

  1. Absolutely John; we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in prayer and in action until we see the return to God that we know is the only answer!

    • Wesley Love on July 16, 2013 at 05:40
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    I continue to marvel at the corruption in our society and the rapid decline of morality in our country. The speed at which the moral fabric of this country is eroding reminds me of the demise of communism in the 1980’s. A few years ago, as I was studying the book of Romans is spoke of the “futility” that was cast upon us by original sin. The word, in the Greek, means randomness or chaos. As a science teacher it is the base word used in thermal systems to describe their decay through entropy. I always thought that is only applied to physical systems. However, in my most recent study of Romans, i have come to believe that it also applies to thought processes. As we enter into the end of this age and the “days of Noah” it is increasingly hard to apply reason or facts to vet an issue. Connecting the dots to reason out an appropriate outcome is virtually impossible to do these days. Indeed, it has become an exercise in “futility”.

    Next, I realized the propensity as it applies to even Christians. I asked God how I could avoid or minimize this decay in my thinking. At first it seemed discouraging and that we all suffer from this decayed reasoning process. Finally, in chapter 12 of Romans, God gave me renewed hope. Because of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit, i have a reasoning advantage over normal worldly thinking. However, i believe that we, as Christians, need to ask God to renew our minds daily through His indwelling spirit to counter the corruption of this age. This will allow us to process information at a higher level and come to productive and God honoring outcomes. At one time, our leaders practiced this. i believe that leaders, like Abraham Lincoln, were able to face the challenges of leadership during the Civil War by starting each day seeking God’s strength and seeking His ability to process facts. This may have made him one of America’s greatest Presidents even while be tested during wartime.

    If my analysis and conclusions here are valid, then we, as Christians, need now more than ever to appropriate His Holy Spirit to allow us to think above the fray. We need to remain voices of reason to counter the entropy of our age and we are called to remain the “salt and light” until His return for His bride. We cannot effectively do so if we cannot think clearly.

    May God continue to use the church and the principles in His Word to be a beacon of hope and reason in our decaying world.

    United in Christ,
    Wes Love

  2. You’re absolutely right Wes. The Bible tells us that “knowledge puffs up” 1 Cor. 8:1). The acquisition of data does nothing but cause chaos until it is submitted to the Spirit of God, and is transformed into wisdom. That is what we must seek, not knowledge but wisdom.

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