The first thought that struck me, even as I sat down to write this article, is the fact that my first impulse was to title this piece “The Trayvon Martin verdict.” It’s interesting how the media has so effectively communicated the idea that this trial was primarily about Trayvon Martin. It wasn’t. It was about the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was the individual who was killed, and this naturally calls for our compassion and sympathy, but the trial wasn’t about him. It wasn’t about “avenging” his death. It was about ascertaining the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman. I was encouraged when the jury came down with a “not guilty” verdict. I was encouraged because I saw that there is still some semblance of objective justice in some corners of our nation. The jurors didn’t give in to mob pressure. They ruled according to the evidence and the law. It was clear. The first act of violence came from the deceased. Mr. Zimmerman acted clearly in self-defense. This encounter was the very reason Mr. Zimmerman and other law-abiding citizens appreciate their Constitutional right to bear arms. While he was being assaulted, and pummeled on the ground, he had no choice but to use his weapon for the very purpose it was carried—to defend himself against an attacker. Had he not fired in self-defense it is likely that Trayvon Martin may have used the gun against him, particularly since Trayvon expressed that intention when he told Mr. Zimmerman, “Tonight you die.” In which case, Mr. Zimmerman would have been the deceased.

It’s tragic that this young man had violence in his heart against Mr. Zimmerman, and the expression of that violence is what ultimately caused his own death.

Those who are now demonstrating and demanding “Justice for Trayvon” are simply using this tragedy to fuel the fires of division and racial tension. The race hucksters, particularly those in positions of leadership have found another worthy cause to advance their racial agendas.

As “people of the book” however, we shouldn’t be surprised at the ginned up mobs that yell “Crucify Him, Crucify Him.”  We’ve seen that before. Human nature hasn’t changed. As a nation, however, we must never give in to the rule of “mobocracy.” We must continue to stand for “blind” justice under the rule of law.


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    • Roseann Pandoliano on July 16, 2013 at 13:30
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    I have been keeping George in prayer and that he certainly would come to know the Lord. This case was never about race and it repluses me as to what the liberal media is doing. Yes, and Thank God for the jurors who
    saw the truth about this case and gave the right verdict. May God open the eyes and ears of those who refuse to accept the Not Guilty verdict!!!!

  1. Eric,
    You would convict Zimmerman of murder for not getting back into his car quick enough. You jump to conclusions about “stalking” and as you said, “In my opinion Trayvon felt like he was going to be hurt….” You were not in his head. We don’t prosecute on “opinion.” Look at the evidence without spinning. Zimmerman claims he was out looking for an address to report location to police. There is no evidence to contradict that, and it would make perfect sense if someone was reporting a suspicious person. Then Trayvon confronted him, and assaulted him.
    But even if he was “stalking,” he might be guilty of stalking but not murder or manslaughter. Try to look at it objectively. As much as we may not like to admit it Trayvon’s assault on Zimmerman caused his own death.
    Lesson: Don’t punch anyone you meet; he may be armed.

  2. Eric:

    Nicole Brown Simpson AND the waiter are DEAD. O.J. Simpson is ALIVE. There was no gun!
    You think fists can’t and don’t kill? Think again.

    Regarding all the black protestors and black on white attacks following all over the country: The old adage ‘birds of a feather stick together’ rings true. Tryvon actions prove to me that he was a bird of this same flock. Violent protestors only prove to me that the aggression mentality is their ilk, and Martin is one of them as proven by the scrapes on HIS knuckles.

    This business that all black people are good is just a ridiculous as all white people being good. When will the majority of blacks realize that they have bad eggs in their numbers? If black youths are arrested in higher numbers, tell me why good black kids don’t stay inside nights where they can keep themselves above suspicion.especially if blacks kids have been reported involved in illegal activity in that neighborhood. Haven’t they that much sense or desire to protect themselves? If he was a ‘child’ why weren’t his parents seeing to this? Martin was not innocent – reports of his school record showed disregard for school rules too.

    • Patti Lewis on July 22, 2013 at 18:15
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    Oh Bill, I had to read and reread your opinion on this and I know we don’t always see eye to eye but this totally took me by surprise. I love and respect you but I have to comment on this. I understand George Zimmerman was found innocent in a courtroom in Florida but that does not mean he is innocent. As Eric stated he was the one who had the power to avoid the whole situation. He was told by the “law of the land” to stay in his car and wait for the police. He was following Trayvon and then proceeded to get out of his vehicle. He took the first step in the escalation that led to Trayvon’s death. I also can’t believe that Bill said that Travyon’s actions led to his own death. If George had a right to defend himself, then doesn’t Trayvon have that same right. Of course if he is being followed, then he is going to react in a defensive manner. He was being racially profiled. There had been break ins in the neighborhood by some fitting his description, a young black man and therefore George automatically assumed that Trayvon may be responsible. So at the end of the day, a young black man was dead at the hand of an adult who could have avoided the whole situation had he just stayed in his car.

    Now as much as you would like to keep race out of this, that is impossible in the world we live in. It is a fact that unfortunately young black men are viewed negatively by members of this society we live in. I am the mother of three amazing biracial preschool boys who one day will group up to be young men. They will be viewed by most of the world as African Americans young men. I fear for them because of comments made by people like Mary. She said that the good young black people should have stayed inside to protect themselves. Why should they have to stay inside to protect themselves when they did nothing wrong? In America, you should be able to walk to the store to get a candy and soda and return safely to the community where your father lives. And Mary also made statements about “birds of a feather”. That is stereotyping “blacks” as violent people. Most of the protests have been peaceful. And again in America it is our right to protest peacefully.
    Mary also said that Trayvon’s school records showed he didn’t always obey the law. It is a fact that George had a record of violence and a restraining order from a previous girlfriend. A school record that shows blemishes and scratched knuckles are not a reason to be killed.
    I have so many thoughts on this but am finding it hard to articulate my thoughts so I may be back!

  3. Oh Patti, I love and care about you too. But on this one I think your prejudice is showing. The facts are clear. There was no racial profiling. Getting out of a car is not a criminal act. Punching someone smaller than you in the face, then “pummeling” them, is an act of criminal violence.The justification for one to carry a weapon. Zimmerman never demonstrated animus or aggression toward Trayvon, however if there was any “racial profiling” it was demonstrated by the one who called another “***cracker.” Then threatend by saying “Tonight you’re going to die.” Don’t let your prejudice cause you to make false assumptions to fit the narrative of the race hustlers. I pray your boys grow up to be viewed, not as African-Americans, but as “Americans” in this one nation under God. With you and Tim as their parents, I’m confident they’ll be just fine.

    • Anonymous on May 13, 2015 at 09:28
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    Zimmerman is always threatening people with a gun. Do you still think this scum should be free?

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