As I watched the women’s march last Saturday I took note of the signs of vulgarity and profanity that are so much a part of the identity of that movement. Why is this type of demonstration characteristic of the left, but not the right? It’s actually because the progressive movement is an anti-God movement at its very core. It is the physical manifestation of the eternal struggle between good and evil, between–dare I say it—between God and Satan.

Think about it. How many of those who march dressed as human vaginas or holding signs in one hand with profanity written on them while holding their own children with the other hand go to church on Sunday?

Whatever clergy may be part of the movement are clearly not associated with a Bible believing denomination, and are clearly not a part of the movement of God upon the earth, but rather impostors claiming to know God while working to undermine His will for humanity.

The vulgarity and profanity that comes out of their mouths reveals what is truly in their hearts, and it is certainly not tolerance or love, but rather intolerance and hate.

I would encourage those who are being seduced into this movement to consider who it is that is pulling the strings of progressives and to choose to serve the God of love who sent His Son to demonstrate how we are to regard one another. As the American philosopher Bob Dylan taught us, “Everybody’s got to serve somebody.” No one stands alone. We serve good or evil, God or Satan. We must not be ignorant of the invisible forces driving what is visible, and freely choose who we will serve.


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    • Wayne K. on January 24, 2017 at 12:39
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    Sounds good Bill, in light of this occurrence, might we also question whether:
    A vacuum has been created by satiated American Christianity with our “prosperity” mantra (only befitting of blessed Americans of course) and divisive denominational chasms [bespeaking a divided house], the forces of educated cultivated humanists have rushed in to conquer with their answers for humanity? Ravi Z. has some interesting ideas on these global “uprisings” and how they come about.

    Is the circulated “fact” accurate that the Church only prospers under persecution to be believed? If so, might our Judeo Christian God be about stirring the proverbial pot again and scattering masses so that the balm of grace may be spread wider? I.E. cracking the comfort zone in a manner of speaking. America seems more hysterical than exceptional but that’s just another opinion.

    Just thinking aloud as you’ve inspired.

    • Wayne K. on January 24, 2017 at 12:46
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    Consider this comment from a friend on the topic of “male loneliness a huge issue in USA” and the causes for it.
    That author shared with me something that might also be at work related to your Women’s March points.
    “At the end of the day, if I wanted to take over a nation, I would first destabilize the spiritual strength of the priests. In this case, that is every man. With priests gone from their posts, the rest of making a society collapse is minimal. Take men from intimate connection with God in prayer and the rest is mop up.”
    Just another opinion

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  2. As the man goes so goes the marriage; as the marriage goes so goes the family; as the family goes so goes the nation. Yep, it’s on us. Mercy!!

    • Kristen on January 24, 2017 at 18:44
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    As a Christian and a church goer at a Bible based church, I will have to respectfully disagree. The Women’s Marches unified people all over our country as we joined together to fight social injustices. It gave a voice to those who are marginalized in our society and who feel threatened by the new administration. I’m curious what types of vulgar signs you saw because I only saw messages meant to uplift and inspire others. Was it the use of the word pussy? Because that’s only a reference to the language our President used. Those signs were meant to highlight the vulgar and hurtful language he used when speaking about women. To show that it is not okay to speak about women like that.

    I agree that Christianity teaches us to respect and tolerate others. We are all sinners and only saved by Grace. But don’t you think that saying that clergy and Christians who do not go to a Bible based church are imposters and that progressives are evil is judgmental? This message spreads intolerance which I hope is not your intention.

  3. Yes, clergy that do not adhere to Holy Scriptures as their standard for life and holiness, and claim the name of Christ are impostors. And yes, it is judgmental. You see, we have the responsibility to judge the fruit in order to know who are the true followers of Christ who will lead others to Christ. Jesus gave us specific instructions in Matthew 7:15 speaking of false prophets, he said, “By their fruits you shall know them.” They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.
    Vulgarity and profanity is much more prevalent on the left because they have no allegiance to a God to calls them to decency and respect for his human creation. It is, at its root, rebellion against a holy God, the blind leading the blind, and they will both fall into the pit. Do not be deceived. Pursue Truth–whose name is Jesus.

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